An introduction to Qchingo and the charities we work with.

Qchingo collaborates with an extensive network of organisations and important individuals to offer the opportunity to its users to experience unique and wonderful things.

Our aim is to present our users with the opportunity to enjoy some of the finest things in life which they may otherwise have not had the chance to experience, all in reward for donating to a humanitarian cause, through some of the different charities we partner with.

These charities include:

  • Man Cave Health
  • Unstoppable Foundation
  • Victor Green Foundation
Charities working with Qchingo. Scroll down to read more on each.

Making sure that our users are familiar with the work that these charities carry out is one of our priorities, and we are in no doubt that the recognition of their efforts will inspire people to donate to experience using the Qchingo platform.
Have a read below over the brief sections on each charity and what they do, accompanied by a link to their websites where more information can be found.

Man Cave Health

Man Cave Health is a charity dedicated to raising awareness on prostate cancer. They promote the importance of testing and offer support for those receiving treatment.

Unfortunately, little is known about the day to day dealing with this disease which will claim the lives of 27,000 men this year alone. “If more men talk, more will get tested, more will survive” –

In partnership with the Department of Urology at the Mount Sinai Health System have designed “The Man Cave” a unique patient care model. It Combines educational resources, emotional support and the latest in prostate cancer early diagnosis and treatment, it is a sports-themed space where a man can feel relaxed, surrounded by friends, medical professionals, educators and advocates readily prepared to help him tackle this disease and beat it.
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Unstoppable Foundation

The Unstoppable Foundation is a charity which aims to bring sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries and create a safer environment for these people to live in.

This non-profit organisation operates by focusing on key outreach projects that produce greater impact than individual gifts. These projects are managed in collaboration with in-country partners who have proven track records, implementing, administering and monitoring these projects through to completion.

The Unstoppable Foundation prides itself on the effectiveness of its projects and the results that they achieve, they provide donors with photos and a report on the children and the community that have been impacted by their donation.

For more information please visit

The Victor Green Foundation

Headed by former NFL and New York Jets strong safety Victor Green this non-profit organisation aims to provide an opportunity for America’s undeserved youth by raising funds to benefit non-profit programs that focus on teaching and encouraging the value of continuing education, physical fitness and wellness and a positive character to empower and prepare themselves for a better future.
Victor Green has managed to make grave strides and gained great recognition for his work by involving his vast network of sports and media celebrities, who are more than happy to support his cause and attend his events.

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