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Qchingo is a charity auction platform where users bid on experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the World. Charities place experiences and memorabilia on Qchingo to announce themselves to a larger audience; boosting donations and maximizing revenue for each item or experience.

Donors visit Qchingo to find the absolute coolest and unique experiences anywhere. Whether someone is looking for a vacation to the most exotic corner of this World, a meet and greet with their favorite musician, or for impossible-to-get tickets to a sporting event, Qchingo.com is the website they visit to find the most exciting experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.


Qchingo was created by Thomas Milana Jr. (a prostate cancer survivor and founder of Man Cave Health; a nonprofit raising awareness making an impact in helping men test for prostate cancer throughout the United States) to solve many of the issues and problems it faced in raising money online. His goal was to create an online presence for charities of the likes of which have never been seen before - fanatically dedicated to helping charities by providing a platform tailored to their needs, with a huge online exposure helping raising more money by doing less work. A platform created by charitable people to help charities reach donors that are either interested in their cause or even better yet, simply interested in purchasing memorabilia or a unique lifetime experience that cannot be found anywhere else.